Diane Honeycutt for County Commissioner


Diane Honeycutt is a Republican candidate for the Cabarrus County Commission

Steve Morris
President, Gem Theatre
Cabarrus County Commissioner
Kannapolis, NC

I would like to offer my strong endorsement of Diane Honeycutt as a candidate for Cabarrus County Commissioner. Over the many years I have known Diane she has demonstrated incredible support for her community and all who live here. Through her involvement in innumerable community organizations over the years she has touched and improved the lives of many thousands of Cabarrus County residents. The Red Cross, United Way, Northeast Medical Center Foundation, Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce, Cabarrus Economic Development Corporation, CVAN and The Concord Rotary Club are just a few of the organizations that have benefited from her leadership and participation.

While giving tirelessly to her community, Diane has led one of the most successful and well respected real estate teams in the region. Those who have worked with her describe her as the "ultimate professional". Diane knows about hard work and how to get things done. She is one of the most organized and competent people I know. Through her work with many families during the recession of the past few years she understands the importance of jobs for Cabarrus County residents and knows that many are still struggling to recover. I am confident that Diane will handle the affairs of Cabarrus County with grace and fiscal responsibility. I look forward to the opportunity to serve next to her on the Cabarrus County Board of commissioners.

Alex Rankin
President, CESI Land Development Services
Concord, NC

Cabarrus County had been hard hit by the recession that started in 2008 and which for many of us still has not ended.  Our county needs leadership which understands this community's critical need to help businesses grow and add jobs, leadership which understands the importance of operating on a balanced budget, experienced leadership that comes from owning and growing a business.  Diane Honeycutt is that kind of leader.  I have learned through 20 years of working with Diane Honeycutt that she uses a level-headed, common-sense, fact based approach to problem solving.  She started and has grown her own business through hard-work, customer service, and controlling costs.  I have seen her bring these same attributes to every organization she has served in a volunteer position.  As a volunteer she has consistently raised the game of every organization she has served by her hard work and commitment to excellence.  Diane Honeycutt has the skills, values, and energy that we need from our county commissioners and I can think of no one who would get Cabarrus County on the right track more quickly than her.

Andy Langford
Senior Pastor, Central United Methodist Church
Concord, NC

Vote for Diane Honeycutt as Cabarrus County Commissioner! She will be a wise, prudent, and enthusiastic leader for our wonderful community.

Diane is a faithful member and leader at Central United Methodist Church. She attends worship regularly and offers her leadership whenever requested. As her pastor, I know that Diane's prayers, time, and talents have blessed and will continue to bless Cabarrus County.

Diane supports not only our congregation but a host of community charities with her time, expertise, money, and passion. She is committed to the enhancement of everyone and every institution in our community.

Diane's warm smile and gracious temperament will listen to all voices, set aside fragmenting voices, and build up our community for the sake of all.

Pat Riley
President/COO, Allen Tate Companies
Concord, NC

Thank goodness in America there are those among us that want to leave this place we call home better than we found it. Individuals like this it seems are fewer and fewer to come by due to life's many distractions. They say that everything in life is growing or decaying. Diane Honeycutt has always been dedicated to making things better. Healthcare, economic development, culture, social services to name a few. Diane makes sure things are getting better!

We watched her passion in bringing All American City status home to roost! She will not take credit but she carried a load. Post recession Diane is reaching out once again to lead. She is answering that call to focus on things that the community at large needs to address to be relevant in the future. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us not to fall asleep at the wheel. We must address growth in advance because ready or not it going to happen.

The Carolina's are Americas delight! Diane's passion and zeal will make a difference in this fabulous community. Thank you Diane Honeycutt for once again being the community servant you are. We are blessed with your leadership and ability to make a difference. The journey will never end!

John and Holly Robbins
Concord, NC

This is to confirm our support for Diane Honeycutt in her candidacy for Cabarrus County Commissioner. Diane has done more for this county in pursuing the right kind of economic development, participating in key philanthropic initiatives of all sorts, sponsoring her own initiatives to aid the community, and being a trusted business partner to so many people and companies in her area.

Diane is professional, level-headed and objective, a great critical thinker, independent in her thinking, and has deep integrity. Diane gives so much of herself to this county, and is now ready to give more. She is a hands down perfect candidate for County Commissioner and has our unequivocal support.

Cheryl and Doug Kelling
Concord, NC

We are writing to voice our support for Diane Honeycutt for Cabarrus County Commissioner. Diane, a native of Cabarrus County, is deeply committed to the citizens of our county. She has an understanding of who we are, where we have been and where we hopefully are heading.

Diane is a small business owner whose business, Team Honeycutt at Allen Tate Realtors, has served all of Cabarrus County for 23 years. Through this business, Diane has seen firsthand the disruptions and hardships the last six years have had on longtime residents and newcomers alike.

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Alfred M. Brown, Jr.
Concord, NC

I am writing in support of Diane Honeycutt for Cabarrus County Commissioner. More than ever before we need a candidate who understands business and who has the people skills to interact, and deal with, other local governments, businesses and business groups, and the average citizen, using common sense approaches to our every day issues.

Diane has been a successful real estate broker for many years and has been active in the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce and an array of economic development projects. One key achievement was her being a principal figure in the City of Concord's successful 2004 All America City designation. She has been a tireless, dedicated and relentless worker for our community.

With Diane's no-nonsense approach to pro-business issues and others, Cabarrus County will be the better for it. Recruiting new business to our area helps everyone by bringing needed jobs and new tax base. You can be assured that she understands the value and responsible management of our tax dollars. All eligible voters need to join me in voting for Diane Honeycutt for Cabarrus County Commissioner on election day.

Jean Harwood-Stanhope
Concord, NC

I am writing to encourage Cabarrus County citizens to support Diane Honeycutt and Grace Mynatt for Cabarrus County Commissioners in the upcoming election.

As a lifelong Cabarrus County citizen I am certain that these two persons are concerned for our great community and want the very best for all Cabarrus County residents.

I have known Diane for thirty years and Grace for many. These families have willingly served our community by volunteering and holding leadership and advisory positions.

Please join me and vote for Grace Mynatt and Diane Honeycutt for Cabarrus County Commissioners!

Jeff and Lisa Young
Concord, NC

Diane Honeycutt is a great friend to thousands of Cabarrus County's citizens. For those wanting to buy or sell homes, she is the go-to person. Team Honeycutt is a perfect description of how Diane works. She is both a leader and a team player. Diane knows how to get things done using the right people and resources. Whether it is in her successful business, or through countless hours of volunteer service, Diane Honeycutt helps people get their needs met.

As a small business person, Diane knows the importance of jobs and the local economy. She can be counted on to work tirelessly to improve Cabarrus County's business climate. Diane is also keenly aware of the needs of families. She will be a champion for citizens both young and not-so-young.

We are glad to be enthusiastic supporters of Diane Honeycutt for County Commissioner and encourage our friends and fellow citizens to do the same. Our lives will be better for it.

Timothy Vaughn
Concord, NC

The purpose of this letter is to steadfastly support Diane Honeycutt for Cabarrus County Commissioner.

To be around her for any length of time is enough to witness her steadfast passion for what she believes in. To be sure, she does not need to do this. It is not about fame or ego.

She is a proven business leader and employer. She understands firsthand what the economic downturn had done for the people of the county. So many people lost their jobs and ultimately their homes. We need her business savvy helping us navigate and grow Cabarrus County.

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Nancy Griggs
Concord, NC

In my opinion no one in Cabarrus County has worked more tirelessly, freely, unselfishly for this county than Diane Honeycutt, a candidate for Cabarrus County Commissioner.

Cabarrus County needs the expertise afforded by Diane. Having served with Diane on volunteer committees, I know firsthand that she is a proven leader, very professional, articulate, generous with her time and talents, and the most organized person I know!

Diane's accomplishments are way too numerous to list here. I challenge you to visit her web site, Vote Diane Honeycutt for Cabarrus County Commissioner, to fully realize all of her qualifications.

Howard Irvin
Concord, NC

I would like to recommend Diane Honeycutt for Cabarrus County Commissioner in the primary to be held on May 6, 2014.

For 45 years I have been a real estate attorney in Concord, and for the past 20 years Diane and I have worked together in real estate transactions. She has always been very professional and meticulous in her preparation and representation of her clients, and she has never failed to be proactive in making sure all phases of the real estate process are taken care of in an efficient and ethical manner All her clients are given the best possible representation.

Diane is involved in business and civic organizations as well as charitable work in the community. She has taken on leadership roles and is tireless in promoting these groups. She has been unselfish in her labors to provide new and exciting opportunities to the citizens of the County through her civic and charitable work. She has been involved with fund raisings with these organizations and they have never failed to reach their goals. I often kid her by asking what will be her next civic or charitable venture. I don't know how she has time to do all her community work!

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Vicki Isenhour
Concord, NC

I want to add my voice to the chorus of Cabarrus citizens who are endorsing Diane Honeycutt for our County Commission. Diane is the antidote for people who have grown cynical and weary of the battleground of 21st century politics.

With Diane, deeds will be more significant than words. She will be a doer rather than a pontificator. Her platform is based on the positive rather than the negative: How can you take a good thing (life in Cabarrus County) and make it even better!

In Diane, you will have a commissioner who is a people-person and accessible to the electorate. Her warmth is legendary. She loves our community and that love is evidenced by her hundreds of yearly volunteer hours. People who know Diane are awed by her energy level and dedication to enhancing our quality of life.

Among all her gifts, however, the most impressive one will be the attitude and mindset that will allow her to work with people of varying viewpoints and find common ground to move our county forward. Diane will represent all her constituents with passion and elbow grease!

Jack Guffey, Jr.
Concord, NC

I confidently recommend Diane Honeycutt as a candidate for Cabarrus County Commissioner. I have known Diane for more than fifteen years and have watched her develop into a true leader. Diane leads one of the most successful and productive real estate teams in Cabarrus County and surrounding areas. She gives tirelessly to her work efforts and constantly seeks ways to give back to her community. She maintains an extremely strong work ethic and is dedicated to making a difference in all that she does.

Diane is a proven business leader and sincerely believes in making Cabarrus County a better place to live and work. She has been involved in numerous community organizations and leadership positions and is committed to excellence in all that she does. Diane Honeycutt has my vote for Cabarrus County Commissioner.

Edward Tyson, Ed.D.
Kannapolis, NC

I am writing to endorse for Cabarrus County Commissioners Diane Honeycutt, Grace Mynatt, and Len Shue.

For me this has nothing to do with partisan politics. But it has everything to do with electing competent leaders who are imbued with integrity, common sense, and good judgment. Unfortunately, these qualities are sorely missing in some of our present commissioners.

Fortunately, Honeycutt, Mynatt, and Shue are proven outstanding community leaders who have long and strong records of public service to the people of Cabarrus County. They are respected and admired by thousands of our citizens.

They will not embarrass us. They will make us proud with their thoughtful and wise decisions.

Jim & Dot Monroe
Concord, NC

Serving as a County Commissioner requires an individual who possesses a knowledge of the community, proven leadership, a dedication to wise decision-making focused on making our community an appealing place to live and work, and the ability to analyze financial information to create a balanced budget and reserves which will ensure financial security for taxpayers. All of these traits should be enhanced by a sense of fair play, no hidden agendas, and a passion for getting the job done.

We feel Diane Honeycutt has these traits and would provide outstanding service to the community if elected to the County Commission Board. As an experienced leader she served as chairman of many organizations including the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce, Concord Rotary Club, Rowan Cabarrus Community College Foundation, United Way of Cabarrus County, CMC-NorthEast Medical Center Foundation, Coltrane Life Center, American Red Cross, and Concord 2004 All America City Award Program.

She is a business owner and understands the complexity of a budget process. As a realtor she has observed the challenges homeowners or those seeking to buy a home have in trying to make a living wage and the need to find rewarding work to do so.

Diane was born in Cabarrus County and understands the economic history of our community. She would work well with others to encourage and manage growth. She is acutely aware that attracting new business is critical to creating quality jobs and fostering economic prosperity.

We encourage you to vote for Diane Honeycutt on May 6th. Cabarrus County will benefit from her passion for making our community a better place to live and work.

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