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Creating Jobs
Diane Honeycutt knows the key to turning our economy around is creating more good jobs for the people of Cabarrus County. As our County Commissioner, Diane has and will continue to make this her top priority. She is a conservative and knows the best way to create jobs is to get government out of the way, reduce the tax burden and let the entrepreneur strive.

Balancing the Budget

It is the responsibility of our Commissioners to balance the budget each year without increasing the tax burden on the people of Cabarrus County. Diane understands this conservative principle. She knows when government spending is higher than its revenue, you do not raise taxes – you lower spending. Hard working families live by this rule and so should the government.

Cutting Taxes
Diane believes the government should take as little as possible from the taxpayer and be a better steward of the revenue it accrues. When families keep more of their own money, our economy improves.

Improving Education
Diane knows if we are going to create good jobs in Cabarrus County, we must have the educated work force that employers require in today's economy. That is why she has a strong support for schools and a passion to pursue solutions that help each child reach his or her potential. Quality schools are critical to the economic viability of our community and to the quality of life of our citizens.

Meeting the Needs of All People

Diane believes government is here to serve the needs of all people, not the other way around. As our conservative County Commissioner, she will be a great representative of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. As our Commissioner, Diane will represent the people and not special interests.

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