Diane Honeycutt for County Commissioner


Diane Honeycutt is a Republican candidate for the Cabarrus County Commission

Cheryl and Doug Kelling
Concord, NC

We are writing to voice our support for Diane Honeycutt for Cabarrus County Commissioner. Diane, a native of Cabarrus County, is deeply committed to the citizens of our county. She has an understanding of who we are, where we have been and where we hopefully are heading.

Diane is a small business owner whose business, Team Honeycutt at Allen Tate Realtors, has served all of Cabarrus County for 23 years. Through this business, Diane has seen firsthand the disruptions and hardships the last six years have had on longtime residents and newcomers alike.

Because of her small business experience, Diane knows what it takes to create a favorable climate for both attracting and retaining businesses within our county. We need plentiful, well-paying jobs here in Cabarrus County. We have had them in the past; with a business friendly environment, we can have them again. It is imperative that we provide an atmosphere that is conducive to businesses locating here.

Because of her particular business, Diane very frequently sees that a top priority for so many people who consider moving here is excellent schools. Funding for the Cabarrus County schools and Kannapolis City schools is one of the major responsibilities of our county commissioners. Diane understands the importance of keeping both these systems as strong as possible. Furthermore, she understands the connection between an educated work force and job creation.

Diane is also a hard worker and leader in her church (Central United Methodist Church) and in her numerous volunteer positions in our community. Because of her deep love of and concern for Cabarrus County, she is prepared to undertake one additional responsibility: county commissioner.

On her website, Diane pledges to be a "servant leader" if elected. The concept of an elected official serving in this capacity has been cast aside by many today. In reality, though, that is exactly what we should expect of our elected officials. We believe Diane when she says that will be her role.




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