Diane Honeycutt for County Commissioner


Diane Honeycutt is a Republican candidate for the Cabarrus County Commission

Timothy Vaughn
Concord, NC

The purpose of this letter is to steadfastly support Diane Honeycutt for Cabarrus County Commissioner.

To be around her for any length of time is enough to witness her steadfast passion for what she believes in. To be sure, she does not need to do this. It is not about fame or ego.

She is a proven business leader and employer. She understands firsthand what the economic downturn had done for the people of the county. So many people lost their jobs and ultimately their homes. We need her business savvy helping us navigate and grow Cabarrus County.

The way forward for us as a county is to elect officials who understand that Jobs, Economic Development, Education and Quality of Life are all closely related. One without the other is not enough to move our community forward. We need to accomplish all simultaneously.

We need jobs and a broadening of the tax base resulting in Lower Taxes for all residents. The expansion of the tax base by new businesses locating to Cabarrus County and/or local business expansion leads to more money for education, taking care of our less fortunate and senior citizens who live on a fixed income. It makes it fair for all.

I know Diane personally and professionally. She will tackle the tough issues by building consensus and allowing differing opinions to be worked through by all stakeholders.
Her volunteer efforts touch every corner of the county. She pours effort and passion to make this county an incredible place to live, work and raise a family.

Change is needed on the Cabarrus County Commission and Diane is an agent for change. Vote for Diane Honeycutt.




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